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In a few words

10 Jun

Even though M has come such a long, long way with his speech since we started speech therapy, he is still often a boy of few words.

Here’s a sample of what he had to say last night and this morning:

“OK, it’s time now” (meaning, ‘I am ready for bed’)

“Stop now” (meaning, ‘I have had enough of your big smothering cuddles and kisses mum, let me go to bed’).

“See you later!” (meaning, ‘I love you mum, have a good night!’)

“Seatbelt please” (meaning, ‘I have climbed into bed with you in the middle of the night mum, please put your arm around me’)

“Not yet!” (meaning, ‘I have woken up, but it’s far too early and I am going to go back to sleep now for a while’ – which he did)

“OK, that’s enough” (meaning, ‘I have had enough sleep now. It’s time to get up, run out into the lounge room and immediately start playing with my trains’).

“Restaurant is open!” (meaning, “Can I please have some breakfast now?”)

Yep, he’s often only got a few words to share, but they are gorgeous words and we so love having our quirky boy with his wonderfully minimalist, often creative use of the English language.



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