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Lost in Translation

12 Jun

In the school yard the other day, one of S’s classmates told me proudly¬† ‘I can understand everything S says now. He’s so good at talking, isn’t he?’.

I love how much his speech has improved and how much his classmates have taken his speech, just like everything else, all in their stride.

But there are still times when even I get a little stuck about what he’s saying – especially if his PODD book, iPad or Dynavox are not on hand to help. Which is often the case in the car.

Like the other day, when we were driving home from the shops.

We were talking about the chickens that we are getting very soon in our back yard. S said (or at least I thought he said) “The chickens will eat all the crap we don’t eat”.

I thought he was having a go at my cooking.

Until I realised he was saying ‘scraps‘.


I am thrilled that we don’t have as many gaps in our communication these days. And equally thrilled that S has such a great sense of humour to laugh when we do have trouble getting something right.

He laughed about this all the way home. And he nearly falls off his chair every time he ‘accidentally on purpose’ uses the word ‘crap’ now.



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