Keyguard for iPad and Proloquo2go

19 Apr

The most common search that brings people to my blog is for a keyguard for the iPad when using Proloquo2go.

I have good news! There is a US company making keyguards at a ridiculously competitive price for any orientation of the P2go that you are using.

We have one and it’s great. After all, a keyguard is very much a simple piece of perspex with inserts cut out. It isn’t rocket science. The fact we paid over $300 for the one we have for our Dynavox still strikes me as crazy.

The company is called Lasered Pics. Here is their website. And yes, they do ship to Australia for a very reasonable fee.

The keyguard is thinner than the one we have for the Dynavox, but it does the job just fine. It has assisted S with more accurately navigating the page and for $20 US (+ postage), they are a very good buy.

The keyguard is designed for use with the standard Apple iPad cover (which we have) and it is attached to the iPad with small adhesive ‘dots’. My only concern is that I am not too sure how well these dots will hold their stickiness if the keyguard were taken on and off lots of times (if, like in our house, the iPad is used by all members for many purposes!)

Overall though, a very worthy product. I will be ordering another next week for the p2go qwerty keyboard.

The company are also making keyguards for other apps. When I emailed them, I found them to very helpful and professional. They responded to all emails promptly and the keyguard arrived quickly and well package.

If you have other iPad app keyguard requests, I’d definitely be considering dropping them a line.

Also, in other iPad news, some might be interested in checking out this free AAC app – Verbally. The voices are very robotic (so robotic that it can skew the message) and in my opinion the screen seems far too busy for my 6 year old to get his head around, but the fact it’s free and contains good word prediction suggests that it could be a very useful resource if developed over time. I will let you know what Master S thinks of it when he gets to have a play. Hopefully over time they will add more voices and improve the speech to be more natural.

And finally, I (along with S’s 2 aides) will be attending an iPad in the classroom PD on the first afternoon back at school after the hols. Really looking forward to seeing what they have to share.

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2 Responses to “Keyguard for iPad and Proloquo2go”

  1. karamelissa May 1, 2011 at 12:22 pm #

    Good news indeed. We need one that has less options, like the four screen. That’s after I get pit iPad running again. Grrrr.

  2. Jeannie May 23, 2011 at 12:16 am #

    Thank You for your awesome post! We would be happy to send you more adhesive dots if you ever need them. We will be adding them to our website soon based on your feedback. We are so happy that our product is helpful to you!

    We have added some new items that I would like to share with you also. We have added an option to have suction cups on the keyguards. This will work well for Apple’s iPad case, for iPads that use no case, and
    for the iPad 2 with the magnetic case. We are also now offering colored acrylic as an option with all keyguards. Check out these new items at:

    Keyguards are under the adaptive technologies tab.


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