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Thinking Back Thursday

17 Sep

Thanks so much everyone for their comments on my last post. It’s lovely to have such cyber support ;-). I still haven’t heard from the hospital regarding my follow up appointment with the specialist, but I promise, promise, promise I will definitely keep the appointment and take whatever advice the doctor gives!

On a very different note; recently, I’ve been sorting through old photos, and it’s made me very nostalgic and thinking a lot about ‘the good old days’ – before motherhood. It’s been nice to remind myself of times when life was a lot less complicated and responsibilities were few. I wouldn’t for a minute want to swap where I am right now with my beautiful family, but I’ve decided I’d like to give myself a bit of a regular, self indulgent trip back in time so every Thursday I’m going to write a ‘Thinking Back Thursday’ post. Fellow bloggers, I’d love to learn a little more about you by reading similar blog posts if you’re game to share ;-).

Sth Africa 1995

Today I am taking myself back to Capetown, South Africa, January 2005.

This photo was taken at the end of a 2 month trip through southern Africa -a trip during which I white water rafted at the base of the magnificent Victoria Falls, parachuted (twice!) out of an airplane, cuddled up close to a 6 month old (but surprisingly big) lion cub – fortunately avoiding this recent experience of a journalist, camped in the Serengeti National Park (waking to find someĀ  large animal footprints rather close to our tents), canoed in the Okavanga Delta, saw many amazing animals and met some incredible people. Africa really is an amazing continent.

Such is the power of travel (for me at least!) that by the time I reached Johannesburg, I felt pretty much invincible.

So much so that with absolutely no knowledge of the distance (or the danger!) I hitchhiked from Johannesburg to Capetown with a girl from New Zealand I had met on my travels. I’ve since learnt it’s a 1400 kms journey and a dangerous place to hitchhike (both because of muggings and bad road accidents).

We were probably lucky that we made the journey safely, but at the time, I didn’t really have any sense of danger. I was too full of passion for adventure. We hitched most of the way in a very large truck hauling whitegoods and made it to Cape Town within 24 hours.

The photo above was taken just a few days before I returned to Australia to finish my Uni studies. I was 24 years old and I didn’t have a care in the world. Looking at the photo, I can still remember the warm breeze on my skin and remember exactly how I felt – that the future was full of amazing possibilities.


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