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Love what you do….

6 Feb

I really don’t understand why some people actively choose to work in a job they are not really that interested in.

I’ve learnt more about the funding lady, and I don’t like it.

It’s bad enough that a woman whose entire job revolves around placing assistants to funded children believes that the funding is nothing more than a ‘bonus’ to these children, BUT it now seems she wasn’t 100% up front with me yesterday.

One of the main points she made which placated me a little yesterday that she was doing all she could to solve the problem, was to remind me how difficult it was for her to communicate with the kinder teachers because they were all on holidays. This made sense to me, somewhat.

However, I found out today, she neglected to tell me that SHE has just returned from two week holidays!?!

So, a woman whose main role it is, is to place children in kindergarten settings, was ON HOLIDAYS for the two weeks leading up to kinder starting. WHICH would be fine, if she’d done her job and everyone was placed. But they weren’t. We weren’t.

On the absolute flip side, the darling, wonderful, amazing manager of BC’s early intervention program rang me today to tell me that SHE has quite possibly sourced a keen, kind and caring assistant for BC. It’s not her job to find an assistant, but she loves her job and all the kids that are part of the program. She rang me out of hours, which means she’d been working on this problem (not HER problem) out of hours because she wanted to do whatever she could to help.

I am pleased that pretty much everyone  involved with our gorgeous boy are in their field for all the right reasons and love what they do. I just need to learn to deal with those that are there for the wrong reasons Рor write letters of complaint and hopefully get them fired ;-).

So we are looking forward to finalising and meeting our new assistant next week, and I am looking forward to my overdue caffeine fix ;-).


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