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Back to the pool!

29 Apr

I love swimming. Both my boys love the water too. Unfortunately though, their dad isn’t that keen. This means family trips to the pool are a rarity. And since Bean’s separation anxiety has kicked in, I don’t really fancy him staying in the creche. When he gets angry or upset, he bites. I am HOPING this phase will pass. In the meantime, I don’t really want to risk him biting the carers or other children (I like the creche too much to be blackballed!)

So we haven’t been swimming much. I really miss it. I used to take BC to hydrotherapy until the classes stopped operating and I couldn’t find another suitable class nearby. So then we went to to pool on our own. And when I was pregnant with Bean, I swam 60 laps of a 25m pool 3 times a week, every week without missing one session – right up until the day before I went into labour. It was my sanity. I convinced myself that IF I swam, I would be so physically fit there would be no way anything could go wrong in the labour. It’s only now, in hindsight, I realise that’s a pretty flimsy argument, but it did what nothing else seemed to do, and that was fill me with positive energy and got me through the pregnancy and the labour without freaking out – well not too much. If you’ve had one really terrible labour and birth experience, it’s hard not to worry too much.

This morning, we went swimming. It was great! I swam my 60 laps for the first time in months and I feel exhilarated but exhausted. Half way through I found myself panting, shocked to realise that I was more fit when I was 8 months pregnant than I am now.

And then BC and I had a play in the pool. I miss taking him to the pool as much as I miss going myself. I know it’s great for him. I can feel the freedom of his movement in the water. He laughs and bounces and splashes and TRIES and TRIES to kick and paddle.

Going to the pool again after so long reminded me of the story of Susie Maroney, Australian Olympic long distance swimmer who recently declared she has a mild form of cerebral palsy. She said of her mother “She knew the water was the best place for us: people can’t see you limp.” Maroney’s CP must be pretty mild given that she was able to keep it a secret until into her 30s, but it has stayed in my mind since I read about it, because it confirmed what I knew about the value of being in the water.

So we’re going to be heading back to the pool more often now. I am looking into one-on-one swimming lessons for BC starting soon and I want to get back into my 60 lap regime again.

It’s not that I see us swimming across the English channel, but I’d love to see him swimming to the other end of the pool and me having the energy and fitness to support him in whatever way he needs.


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