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Gemma the horse.

9 Apr

After a long time languishing on a waiting list, we have started taking BC horseriding with the Riding for Disabled Association (RDA).

We have met Gemma the horse twice now. Before the first ‘assessment’ ride I warned the coach of BC’s fear of sitting/lying in high places. I warned that he would cry, scream, cling on to coach or helper and would probably want to get off straight away. So of course, I ended up looking like an overprotective melodramatic mama when BC grinned wildly and barely flinched about being sat ON HIS OWN on a HORSE by a total stranger. And there he sat, without any hesitation while I walked alongside the horse waiting for the meltdown, which didn’t come….

Yesterday, the coach told me to just ‘relax’ and watch from the sidelines. I watched from my banished seat for nervous mums, as BC balanced himself brilliantly on Gemma as she was led slowly around the small course, holding on to the saddle handles with one person walking either side of him, but no-one supporting him. Then when they stopped Gemma, BC followed all the coach’s instruction like an old pro – he stood, leaned forward to touch her mane, leaned backwards and pulled himself up to sitting again, let go of the saddle handles and raised both hands in the air and threw a ball back and forwards to one of the helpers. ALL on the top of a horse and ALL with the hugest grin you could ever imagine. By the end of the ride, he was elated, but exhausted.

BC LOVES Gemma and can’t wait until next week. He tells me he wants to be a cowboy now rather than a train driver. So, because I always have to something to worry about, it’s thinking forward to the day when he’ll ask me if he can ride in a rodeo….


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