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‘Point-it’ Joystick

15 Jun

While I am in my tech review mode, here’s another.

We went to CPEC today to trial a ‘Point-it’ joystick for S to use in place of a conventional computer mouse, which as I mentioned in my last post, he finds very hard to use.

The ‘Point-it’ looks like this (there are different options for the shape):

S tried first with his weaker right hand. I thought it was going to be a real fizzer as his control was poor and he couldn’t get a decent grip on the joystick at all.

But then magically, as we changed it over to his stronger left hand, he took control. He was able to really efficiently use the joystick to navigate the screen and use the buttons on the sides of the joystick to make things happen. He was excited. I was excited too.

The joystick can work on any computer and just plugs into a regular USB port. You can adjust the speed of the movement of the cursor and the different buttons allow for left click, right click and drag functions. You don’t need any software on a computer to use it, so from what I gathered, you simply can plug it into any computer and use it straight away.

We’re hopefully going to be able to borrow one over the school hols so S can get a bit more practice with it at home.


BUT expensive.

This nifty bit of hardware will cost more than our iPad – it’s listed here on the Spectronics website as costing $879.


But, I can really see how this would open up access to computers for S, especially at school.

So, funding applications, here we come again!!

(And maybe a tattslotto ticket on Saturday night – this going to school next year caper is getting to be an expensive business)….


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