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MSG and nightmares

12 Apr

Whenever I eat a decent dose of MSG (monosodium glutamate, flavour enhancer 621) I have nightmares.

Naturally, I avoid it whenever I can. But last night I was caught unawares by a particularly delicious batter on a piece of flake. I should have guessed it was laden with MSG because it just tasted so good.

That’s the problem with MSG. It DOES taste so good.

I have done a little research (not very thoroughly I’ll admit) to see if anyone else has nightmares after eating MSG, but haven’t found out much about it. I wonder if it’s just me.

Nightmares are so awful. Even when I wake up and know the scenario was ridiculous and would never actually happen, I still feel anxious.

Last night my nightmare was that I was in the backseat of the car with the boys, when I should have been in the front seat driving. We started going down a hill, heading towards a red light. I tried to dive into the front seat to push down the brake, but we were going so fast that every time I tried to sit up, I was pushed back into the rear seat. The thought kept going through my head – THIS IS REAL, THIS IS REAL. As we sped the last few metres towards the red light, I woke with a gasp.

My boys were asleep on either side of me as they are every night. They were both snoring gently. BC had pushed off all his covers as usual and Bean’s hands were curled into sweet little fists against his chest.

They were fine. We were all fine. But yet, I still felt the imminent fear of hurtling towards a red light, in an out of control vehicle, unable to stop .

Luckily, I have found a homeopathic remedy that helps ease the anxiety causing effects of the MSG. That helped once I got up and took it, but I wish I’d realised before I went to bed that I needed it, because I really do hate having nightmares. It ruins my whole night sleep.

I know that some people always believe dreams have a meaning or even a message. It’s not a great leap to see the meaning could be that I fear something happening to the boys. But was there also a message – Life’s moving too fast? Protect the children? Don’t sit in the back seat when you’re supposed to be driving?

I dunno, but I certainly will be back on full alert avoiding the MSG. I have enough of the reality to occupy the part of my brain that deals with worrying about the future to be wasting precious energy and brain space on the inanity of dumb old nightmares…


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