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Need more petrol.

11 Jan

BC has been using a kaye walker for nearly 2 years now. He’s been more and more skilled at controlling it (he can get up a single steps, maneouvre his way around or over bumps and ditches, do great 360 turns etc). However, his endurance has been improving at a much slower rate. Walking just wears him out.

However, just over this past few weeks, he seems to have notched it up a gear. He is walking longer and longer and making more and more requests to get BACK in the walker after a little break.

All good.

img_1802Yesterday, we went into the city for the afternoon. He walked from the State Library, along img_18381the city streets towards the river. Then all the way along the river to the playground at Birrarung Marr (another great accessible playground!) and then back along the river all the way to the train station. He even insisted on walking on to the train when it arrived.

Once we arrived at our station, he decided he would also walk all the way home (it’s about 1.5 kms).

Just near our station is a petrol station that we often cut through to get home. BC’s dad made a big show of pretending to put a petrol hose into BC’s walker to give him enough petrol to get home.

While he was doing that, I was in the servo buying us all a drink (I knew it wouldn’t be a quick walk!).

When I came out and BC asked for some juice, BC’s dad told him it wasn’t juice it was petrol and asked if BC needed a little petrol to get home?

And so a game began.

Every 100 metres or so, BC stopped dead in his walker and called out ‘need more petrol’ and wouldn’t move on until he got another drink.

He thought this was hilarious, every time.

And so, we finally made it home. And yes, BC did walk the WHOLE way. Something he’s never done before.

He went to bed VERY early last night and slept like an absolute log. But as I write, he’s calling out to me that he wants to go to the park. I best be sure to take enough ‘petrol’ for the journey!


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