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Coffee, energy and running out of puff.

1 Dec

It seems my failure to blog often coincides with a lack of caffeine. I have to give up coffee whenever my anxiety rears its ugly head. When I find myself in what I call the anxiety “zone” it has the opposite effect of giving me that much needed energy boost and instead leads to full scale panic attacks. But no caffeine also means I am even more tired than usual by evening time, far too tired to write a blog post that makes any sense at all.

So the fact I am blogging tonight tells you that anxiety has faded away to nothing (for now, hooray!) and I had a lovely latte in a cafe this afternoon before work. I am glad I could have the coffee hit because my work (English examining) requires concentration and energy and they are two things that aren’t coming too easily to me right now!

Energy levels have been waning all around in our house in recent weeks. We’re all tired. It’s been such a big year. My return to the world of early intervention with M started with a trickle of a few sessions with speech therapists and a bit of OT but by term 4 we’ve been doing weekly social skills group, weekly OT, fortnightly speech therapy, fortnightly autism parent education (for me obviously) and a few extra workshops as well. We’ve also got swimming lessons, and M and S have started doing yoga too (which they love!). Add into that mix the several school orientation sessions, kinder and then on top of that the appointments and therapy we have had for S…

It’s no wonder we are all so tired and that poor little A is showing us some attention seeking behaviour too. Clearly he is putting up his hand and saying, hey what about me?! I have loved our half hour spent together in the pool for his first term of swimming lessons but other than that, most of his time with me is spent focusing on something for his brothers. So looking forward to having some special time with just him and I next year!

As for the fatigue S has been experiencing since we got back from Indonesia, we had a paediatric review last week and at his naturopath’s suggestion she tested for glandular fever. And yep, turns out he has had it in the recent past (apparently test can’t be more specific than that). So that definitely explains why he’s struggled so much this term! But of all of us, he’s the one rallying on the energy front. We launched operation independence at school with him this week (more on that later!) and he’s definitely perking up and showing a new enthusiasm to do things on his own – including a lot more independence in the playground, hooray!

I am so relieved there’s only 3 weeks left of term. M has absolutely flourished with all the extra therapy and couldn’t be better prepared for starting school next year but he is worn out now and I am close to burn out and looking forward to lots of school holiday days of pyjamas and laziness.

And more immediately I am looking forward to doing a 10km fun run with my best friend tomorrow morning (going to try so hard to get under 55 minutes!) followed by brunch and also to having a Gold Class date night with my husband during the week. We both deserve a night off very much.


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