Literal Japanese

16 Nov

M has been doing exceptionally well at his school orientation sessions. I am worrying less and less about how he is going to make the transition to school and getting more excited for him (and me!) about the big year ahead.

He loves going to the sessions and we’re lucky that the school has a very good program so he’s getting lots of opportunities to be in the classroom.

I barely get a goodbye and there’s no backwards glance from him as I leave. He’s always paying close attention to the teacher. I’ve got every finger (and toe!) crossed that his enthusiasm stays this way!

This week it was a Japanese session. When I returned to pick him up he was so excited to proudly show me the little book he had made, learning how to count in Japanese.

On the front of the book it had written “ichi, ni, san book”. The numbers were inside with space to draw a little picture for each of those numbers (ichi, ni, san is 1,2,3 in Japanese).

Proudly he told me “guess what mum! I can count to 4 in Japanese!”.

“Go on then” I told him (thinking what an overachiever he was!).

He quickly replied “ichi, ni, san, book”…

Yep, literal Japanese for you. Love my boy :).

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One Response to “Literal Japanese”

  1. Gina @ November 22, 2012 at 11:33 am #

    Oh, the literal world of boys… I love it. I am sure they are ‘en masse’ more literal little beings than girls. The do entertain me. xx

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