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Literal Japanese

16 Nov

M has been doing exceptionally well at his school orientation sessions. I am worrying less and less about how he is going to make the transition to school and getting more excited for him (and me!) about the big year ahead.

He loves going to the sessions and we’re lucky that the school has a very good program so he’s getting lots of opportunities to be in the classroom.

I barely get a goodbye and there’s no backwards glance from him as I leave. He’s always paying close attention to the teacher. I’ve got every finger (and toe!) crossed that his enthusiasm stays this way!

This week it was a Japanese session. When I returned to pick him up he was so excited to proudly show me the little book he had made, learning how to count in Japanese.

On the front of the book it had written “ichi, ni, san book”. The numbers were inside with space to draw a little picture for each of those numbers (ichi, ni, san is 1,2,3 in Japanese).

Proudly he told me “guess what mum! I can count to 4 in Japanese!”.

“Go on then” I told him (thinking what an overachiever he was!).

He quickly replied “ichi, ni, san, book”…

Yep, literal Japanese for you. Love my boy :).


11 Nov

A few of my lovely friends have been writing daily thankful posts this month. I love the idea but they are way more organized than me. However seeing as today is Remembrance Day, I thought I would share a few of my own thankful thoughts.

My boys of course, so thankful for them every day.

In particular – for M growing into such a sensible caring boy who has far fewer meltdowns and for more great days these days. He is becoming more and more independent, has such better language, a best friend at kinder and is so ready to start school next year. He even says things like “I used to be a cheeky chops but now I am a good boy” ;)

For S doing so well at school, despite being so very tired and for keeping me entertained with his travel dreams – a constant stream of questions about different destinations and travel options. I especially love how he queries accessibility as he explores places on the Internet. (“do you think they have a lift?”).

For my little baby A who alas is no longer a baby at all – no longer breast feeding and very recently toilet trained too. He is incredibly sociable and inquisitive, especially about all things related to animals (especially his favourite, elephants). Apparently he’s wearing undies now because “elephants don’t wear nappies” (don’t want to point out to him that they don’t wear undies either ;)).

And for me – for exercise, especially running which has become my safety net from anxiety and a really enjoyable activity. Going to try for a half marathon next year. I even got to go out for a ride on my bicycle this afternoon. I bought it about 6 months ago and this was the first ride! Loved it.

Also thankful to my vegetable garden which is so clever at actually growing whatever I haphazardly plant in it (I often have to wait for the actual vegetable to appear to be reminded what seeds I planted)…

And very grateful to the random kite selling guy who I contacted this evening. We bought an Angry birds kite from him at a local festival today which was set free on its maiden journey in our local park. It’s still up there in the sky, a lost little angry bird with the string wrapped around a powerline…the random kite seller is delivering us new ones this evening (yes plural, not going to risk the same sad scenes as today!). We will pay for the kites of course but He’s not even charging delivery. Nice!

Also grateful to my husband for being the chief kite flyer. I was rubbish at it as a kid and remain so now. Glad he’s happy to take it on as an official duty.

And on a more serious note, of course I am very thankful that we live in a country that is free from war and many other perils. I wish all countries in the world could be as lucky.


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