22 Oct

This may sound like an odd post after my last post was all about S’s brilliant effort at the marathon but S is tired. Ridiculously tired all the time. I am taking him to school at 9.30 most days and picking him up at 1.30 but still, he’s exhausted and his teacher and aides tell me that when he is at school he’s struggling to concentrate and not getting much done. It took him days to recover from our day out at the marathon and whereas he used to use his wheelchair maybe once or twice a week, it’s his preferred choice now pretty much all the time. He has barely used his walker since school went back (thank God for his new wheelchair!!)

I know it’s term 4 so a bit of tiredness is to be expected but he’s so tired at the moment – and therefore more emotional and easily upset – that I am wondering whether we should be just calling it quits on the school year now and staying at home!

He is still battling with skin issues and hay fever and therefore not always getting great sleep and most of the time at the moment he is not his usual chirpy happy self.

It’s awful to watch and frustrating for him. He didn’t go to school yesterday and is taking today off (school aths) and Thursday (teacher strike) and I am just hoping that with all this rest he will be a little recharged. But it’s a long term! So we will just have to see.

Problem with him staying at home from school also is that he often has to tag along to all the therapy and appointments we have going on for M at the moment. So it’s not true rest time.

To be honest, I am exhausted too. Need a break and wishing were just a little closer to those Christmas hols :).

Sorry for the whine, but feel better for getting it off my chest!

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3 Responses to “Fatigue”

  1. Bron October 22, 2012 at 10:41 pm #

    Oh Di, sounds like the holidays cannot come soon enough! I find the hayfever makes Coop more tired and snuffly too and talking takes so much more effort! It of course makes it really hard when the day off is still involving running around. Can you take an ipad and a beanbag to therapy for S just to chill out a bit? Good luck balancing the three kids needs, its a tough ask!

    • n0thingbuteverything October 23, 2012 at 10:09 am #

      Thanks Bron. It really helps to read your great comments. You just get what I am talking about so well x

    • n0thingbuteverything October 23, 2012 at 10:10 am #

      And yep iPad is coming everywhere – loaded with new apps to match current curriculum subjects so can feel like he isn’t missing out on too much!! (reading comprehension, fractions, structures of the world) x

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