Marathon effort

14 Oct

Today was the fourth Melbourne marathon event we have taken part in to support the Cerebral Palsy Education Centre which S attends.

The weather was amazing – a beautiful spring day.

I left the house at 5.30 to make it in to the city for my 10km run. It was a fabulous course and I really enjoyed the run. I am finding the distance a little easier now, though I am still yet to sneak below that elusive 55 minute mark!

After the run I walked to the Richmond station to meet the rest of the family – pushing S’s empty adapted trike along with me. Too hard for DH to have 3 kids, a pram and a trike on the train so I had brought the trike in my car. We then walked to the Tennis Centre for a photo with the rest of the CPEC team – amidst a wonderful sea of blue and yellow balloons and streamers. I always get a tad emotional (in a very good way!) seeing all those wheelchairs, trikes, walkers, sticks and all those amazing families who are along for the roller coaster ride of life with a CP connection. And I love that this is an event that is so inclusive and welcoming, challenging all to achieve their best whether that’s walking – either independently or with assistance, running, pedaling, wheeling – or a combination of all of the above!

As always, it was a good chance to catch up with people at haven’t seen for a while, to meet a few new people, including those I have only ‘met’ online and also to see the commitment of the staff from CPEC, many of whom gave up their Sunday to attend.

This year S chose to ride his new adapted trike. And we were blessed that his wonderful physio chose to walk alongside us for much of the 3km. This was so special for S!

He powered along for much of the 3km needing only a little assistance steering now and then and a bit of reining in so he didn’t go downhill too fast :).

When we approached the G, he got off his trike (much to M’s pleasure as he was dying for a turn!) and then he walked independently for the last 400m lap of the G (with a stop half way for a photo or 2).

I still remember the first time we took part in this event – I had to coax S across the finish line in his walker with the promise of a chocolate frog :). He has come so very far since then and he told me afterwards that the 3 kms wasn’t very long at all.

I love how an event like this brings out the best in my big boy as he strives to do his best. He is always keen to give things a go and doesn’t let much phase him.

M was rather overwhelmed by the crowds and the noise and most excited as we approached the MCG because we walked alongside the train track for a while and saw several passing trains. But before the event, when we were getting the big group photo, he sat next to S, held his hand, helped him get up and walked with him congratulated him after the walk in his great walking and riding. I am also very proud of him for being such a champ about being a part of something which he does find all a bit too much.

It was a beautiful day out with the family and we are lucky to be part of such a wonderful CP community.





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2 Responses to “Marathon effort”

  1. Alison October 14, 2012 at 10:22 am #

    Well done – I always get a bit teary when I read about S crossing the finish line :)

  2. Bron October 14, 2012 at 7:40 pm #

    Awesome effort for all of you x S we are extra proud of you taking it all in your stride and achieving your best xxxx

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