Cool for school!

12 May

When M started 4 y/old kinder this year, I talked to him about it being his ‘first’ year of doing it. He was that far away from being ready from school that I couldn’t even begin to imagine that we wouldn’t be spending two years there.

How much can change in a few months!

Last week I had a meeting with his kinder teacher. She talked in glowing terms about his ability to join in with his peers, his good behaviour (ha, wish we saw more of that at home :-)), his manners, his kindness, his engagement in the kinder program and the fact that, in her words, he didn’t at all ‘stand out’ as being in any ways behind the other kinder kids.

And he has a friend! A real friend, who takes his hand and chooses to play with him, who has drawn many pictures of him to take home, and who told me, when I was dropping M off at kinder last week, “M is my very very best friend”.

Thrilled is too mild a word to tell you how happy, and proud that all makes me feel.

Of course though, I wasn’t that shocked. We’ve been watching him develop at an amazing rate, making great gains in almost every front. He’s become more mature, more engaged, more creative, more vocal, less angry…

Yes, behaviour wise we still have a long way to go at home, but it’s brilliant to know that out in the world, he recognises and follows the rules and more than one person who knows him socially have expressed shock that he could ever throw the mind numbing tantrums that we see at home (and the bite marks on his brothers don’t even seem to convince them….).

We’re starting to see a psychologist next month to help work on his behaviour management at home, where it’s clear we need to help him self regulate that behaviour and be as much of a team player at home as he is elsewhere.

M is a gorgeous, fun, exciting and fascinating little fella. I am so looking forward to hearing the psychology behind why he finds it so easy to keep control at kinder but so easy to lose it at home. I had to raise my eyebrows pretty high when his kinder teacher told me that the biggest area he needs to work on is asserting himself with his peers because he lets them boss him around and will back away rather than standing up for himself when he should.

Most of all, I am looking forward to seeing my little guy start school next year. I am so excited for him and exceptionally proud of him for how far he has come. The diagnosis of autism has been in fact nothing but a positive for us, allowing us to look at him a different way, accept who he is and help him grow into a strong, independent and HAPPY boy. Thank goodness also for the early intervention funding that has come along with the diagnosis. What a blessing to not have to stress about finding funds to access the support and services that he needs. It’s a shame it only goes to age 7, but it’s so great for us for now.

This is the beautiful mothers day present he made for me at kinder yesterday. Love love love. And feeling very confident about the future.

Happy mothers day to all the mums out there :-)

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One Response to “Cool for school!”

  1. Bron May 13, 2012 at 9:59 pm #

    Wonderful news on how far M has come. What a devine pic x great to see you back blogging too!

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