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School report

16 Dec

S got his end of year school report today. He asked me to read it to him in the car before we drove home.

Sure, I thought. No problem! Great idea.

Only problem was, I had completely not factored in just how emotional reading the report would make ME.

I had to push back tears (glad I was wearing sunglasses!) and make many long, meaningful pauses as I composed myself to read the beautiful words his teacher had written.

Here’s a few of the things she said:

“S is a sensitive and caring young student who has made an amazing transition to life at XYZ school and has been a highly valued member of our class.”

“He is always very motivated to put up his hand to answer questions or contribute to a class discussion, often making very insightful comments”.

“S always give every effort to a task and is only ever held back by exhaustion”

(as I promised myself I would, I ignored the ‘days absent’ part of his report. Time off school was as important as time at school this year!).

And then this. It took me about 5 goes to read this last bit out loud to S. My heart was just so bursting with love for my boy. And with appreciation and respect for his wonderful teacher who just understood him so well, and captured his personality beautifully. She always looked beyond his disability and saw the gorgeous boy that he is and all that he is capable of doing.

“S has the most amazing positive outlook on life, such a concern for others, consistently perfect manners and an endearing sophisticated sense of humour which he is able to share with others. It has been a privelege to have had you in my class S. Enjoy your learning next year in grade 1″.

The rest of the report didn’t matter much to me, but I was surprised (and proud!) to read that he is reading at an end of grade 1 level. I think that’s a pretty amazing effort given just how much work it is for him to read out loud.

Seeing how emotional I got just reading his report has made me realise I had best prepare myself for the last day of school. We’ve already been working on preparing S for it, as he knows he is going to be emotional and upset by it. He told me tonight that he wants to write a song to the tune of the ’12 days of Christmas’ that he can sing to himself on the last day so he doesn’t get sad.I have no idea what he has in mind there, but looking forward to a weekend of song composing! And I am so glad we got the ball rolling with pyschology visits for his anxiety this term. It has made a huge difference to how he feels about things that make him anxious. He has developed a real awareness that HE is able to change the way he feels about a situation. I am going to need to do the same for next week! AND bring a huge box of tissues in case we both just fall in a heap together. And hope like hell it’s a sunny day so I can hide behind my sunglasses again. I so wish I had known this time last year I’d be so worried about crying tears of joy on his last day of prep! Bring it on :-).


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