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Still here!

27 Aug

I can’t believe it’s been nearly 2 months snce my last post. Oops.

Apologies to my blogging friends for not dropping by to visit too.

We’ve just been really really busy. Not exciting, woohoo kind of busy and not oh no oh dear kind of busy either. Just garden variety life kind of busy.

S has been doing really well at school this term. He has not needed to take as many days off and his endurance to last out the full day concentrating well on his work is improving too. He got up at the full school assembly last week and read a few sentences he’d written along with all his classmates. He wasn’t even slightly nervous. So proud.

M is doing really well at kinder. He’s finally showing a bit of interest in socialising with some of the other kids and trying a wider range of activities. However, the teacher has recommended that he be assesed by the preschool field officer for next year :-( . Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but he’s started speech therapy with a gorgeous lovely speech therapist who is already making a huge difference with his speech. We see her every fortnight.

A is just growing up far too fast for my liking! This week he’s pooed on the toilet 5 times and insists on wearing undies most days (though he has many accidents!). He just wants to be like his big brothers so much. He’s so lost when they’re at school and kinder. He roams around the house looking for them. It’s cute.

These last 2 weeks have been a challenge because we’ve taken in turns being sick. M was out of action for nearly a week – and he’s a shocker of a patient! So glad that he’s well now. Then it was A’s turn and now S and I are both sick. S is a beautiful patient. He just sleeps on the couch or lies in bed and rarely demands any extra attention except for a few cuddles. I hope that we can all be back to good health by the end of the weekend!

We were particulary disappointed today because S had been invited to a special horseriding day with RDA that we had to miss :-(. Monday he has a school excursion so definitely hope he’s well before then.

I also want to get well asap so I can get back into training! I have my heart set on beating 55 minutes when I do the 10km run as part of the Melbourne Marathon festival on October 9th. S also keeps insisting he’s going to do his complete 3 km walk without his walker. Hhmm. Love to think that might happen, and I love that his goals are so grand, but I think we’ll just have to wait and see on the day!


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