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6 Jul

I have just been looking through S’s portfolio of work that he brought home from school last Friday. It includes some writing that he did on his own, using his Dynavox. He has a qwerty keyboard in two parts that he uses for all his writing tasks at school. He’s become quite fast at using it, in part because one of his favourite afterschool activities has been to use his Dynavox to write out his entire reader that he brings home each night.

I thought I’d share some of his writing – it has amazed me how much he’s learnt in just 6 months at school! He hasn’t had any help with this piece:

I went to see cas 2 on the weekend it was grat. I went with my dad.

I can’t wait to see how much he’s able to do by the end of the year!

But for now, we’re enjoying the holidays. The weather has been so dire and we’re all a bit tired, so it’s been nice to mostly just hang out in our PJs. Looking forward to our outing tomorrow :-).



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