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Found! Hurray for Aunty J!

27 May

The suit has been recovered. Can’t tell you how relieved I am! It was under some toys in the bedroom. Phew!

I must confess though, that it wasn’t me who found it. It was Aunty J.

For anyone who doesn’t know, Aunty J is the boys’ paternal Aunt (i.e my husband’s sister). It is so often Aunty J who finds things. In fact,  it’s so often Aunty J who saves the day in many ways.

I often have people say things to me like ‘I don’t know how you do it.’, ‘You’re amazing for getting everything done’. etc etc.

Well, here’s the truth. I am far, far, far from amazing. And I don’t get everything done.

Aunty J does a lot of it.

She looks after the other kids when one has an appointment, she cooks, she cleans, she makes S’s bandanas and sews up holes in the kids’ clothes, she takes turns with me getting up at 4am in the morning when baby A decides it’s time to play. She listens to me when I need a a whinge and she endures me when I am grumpy. I could go on, and on and on!

In short, she keeps our home running when otherwise, honestly, it would all go to crap.

We know we’re lucky to have her in our family. We also know that we won’t have her forever (guess we’ll have to let her go off and have her own life one of these days, sigh!).

For anyone who stumbles across this post looking for information about a Carer visa to help with a child with a disability in Australia,  feel free to drop me a line and I will tell you how we went about getting one. It wasn’t an easy process, nor cheap, but definitely one of the best decisions we’ve made in recent years.

For the record, a Carer visa is only available to a sibling or close family member of the family (e.g aunt, uncle, grandparent etc), so it’s not option for many, but if anyone is in a similar family situation to ours it can be a lifesaver. Well, it has been for us.

Anyone who is reading this blog who has met J, enjoyed her warm and and engaging personality, tried her beautiful cooking and seen how brilliant she is with kids will know exactly what I am talking about. We’re a very lucky family to have her.

So hooray, hooray, hooray for Aunty J :-).


25 May

It appears I have lost a 4 week old, $1800 Second Skin body suit. Crap.

Last time I saw it was Tuesday last week – when S had his swimming lesson. It only just occured to be today that maybe I left it there, or more likely, dropped it on the way to the car.

I went to the pool. It’s not there (and EWW to their lost property bin!  Mouldy bathers and socks).

Anyone who has been to my home will know there’s a good chance it’s here, somewhere. Neatness is not my superpower.

Geez I hope it’s here.

S however, is not so worried.

I asked him today if it’s possible that he had hidden it so he wouldn’t have to wear it. (For the record, he actually doesn’t mind wearing it at all. He just doesn’t like putting it on, because it involves him having to lie still for 5 minutes – no popular activity for any 6 year old).

This was his response.

“No I didn’t hide it. But that’s what I will do if I find it.”

So, I guess I’d better find it before he does.

Wish me luck.

My boys make me laugh, and smile.

4 May

Overheard in the bathroom last night, M on the toilet, singing loudly “If you’re happy and you know it wipe your bum.”…

S, after watching a DVD of his whole class performing  a song with actions at a recent full school assembly, during which he spent the whole time looking around him rather stagestruck announced: “Oh no! I think I forgot to join in”.

A, who may not have a lot of words yet but can do a darn good job of crash tackling his brothers to the floor and biting them when they don’t let him play with their toys. He’s a feisty one.

It feels nice that I am enjoying my boys right now. S’s skin is 100% better, M is suddenly blossoming with his speech and interest in communication and A is just reaching that age where he’s so aware and interesting and excited about everything (and demanding!).

And I’ve given up fighting the 5am wake ups. Instead, I am making the most of getting up so early. It’s an amazing feeling to get so much done so early!  And I am enjoying the quieter evenings. The boys are often all asleep by 6.30pm.

Feeling very happy. And hopeful that this term is going to be a great one!

Blogging Against Disablism

3 May

May 1st was Blogging Against Disablism Day.

I’ve spent the evening reading some posts.  There are some great posts out there.

This is my favourite so far

What the **** is normal?

1 May

After my gloomy subject matter for my last post, I have something much more upbeat to share.

Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to see British stand up comedian Francesca Martinez perform as part of the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

She’s one very funny lady, who also just happens to have CP (or as she prefers, she’s a ‘wobbly girl’). Many of her reflections were very funny. From the perspective of a parent of a child with CP many were also inspiring and insightful.

The name of her show was ‘What the **** is normal?’, but could equally have been called ‘What the **** is a disability?’ as she played with the idea that we all have our own kind of normal but what really defines us is how we live our lives, not the things we can or can’t do.

I wanted to share some of the gems from the show, but I won’t do her justice, so instead, I found some clips of her on a British TV chat show to share.  Also read this great article about her ‘wobbly road to comic success‘. And if you get the chance to see her live, then DO!

It’s in 3 parts. Apologies for the first clip which starts with Katie Price (aka page 3 model Jordan). Scroll across to about the 4 minute mark for the start of Francesca Martinez. Or watch Katie first. And then compare her lack of depth and substance with the wit, charm and honesty that  Ms Martinez displays. That, as much as anything else, proves her point that we all live with our own unique kind of ‘normal’ .



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