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Busy busy bees

22 Sep

We have been so busy.

Thank goodness it’s school holidays.

This term there has been the usual kinder, horse-riding, swimming lessons, CPEC etc.

There have also been all the school orientation sessions. And a whole heap of stuff related to starting school, getting funding, getting equipment, getting the school ready, getting S ready etc.

I spoke to a friend the other day whose daughter is starting school next year too. The simplicity of  the few things that she’s had to do made me so jealous. Not bitter or angry or even sad. Just good old fashioned envy.

Sometimes it’d just be so nice for things to be EASY.


On a positive note though, we had another school orientation session that went well. And the school have problem solved a disabled car parking space. This was great not just because it will hopefully make school drop offs and pick ups easier (‘hopefully’ because of course it won’t be exclusively our space), but also great because the school worked hard on problem solving this after the local council initially told them there was nowhere a space could legally be placed (due to requirements for distances etc). It means a lot that the school didn’t just shrug their shoulders and say ‘well, at least we tried’. Instead, they looked outside the square, kept at it and found a solution. Love that attitude. It says ‘WELCOME’  in no uncertain terms. It also made me feel like we are part of a team.

Last week I got my hair cut and discovered the hairdresser has two daughters with a mild physical disability who attend the same school. She raved about how fabulous the school had been. How supportive the staff were. How accepting the kids were. It was just what I needed to hear. And another lovely connection to make. I am starting to feel that sense of community. It’s exciting.

We’re slowly bringing other things together. We’re holding a fundraising film screening next month (Eat Pray Love on Oct 19th if you’re in Melbourne and like to attend, drop me an email!). We’re programming the Dynavox (and I do promise there will be more thoughts on that very soon). We’re putting in applications for other bits and pieces of funding. We’re looking at uniforms. UNIFORMS. School is starting to seem very, very real.

In other news, after a 2 year wait (yes – TWO YEARS), M finally had an appointment at the allergy clinic at the RCH last week. I took all 3 boys with me. They all have eczema. And it’s been really flared up of late. I know it’s only itchy skin, but eczema drives me nuts. It’s the reason we have sleepless nights. It’s the only real reason my husband and I ever argue (over what’s caused it, over who fed them what, over how to treat it, over who’s going to get up to tend to the  itchy, scratching, screaming, inconsolable toddler in the middle of the night….)

The appointment went well. And the doctor was kind enough to see all 3 boys and offer to treat them as a family. And so we  finally have something of an action plan on that front. And it seems to be working. Thank goodness.

Especially for Poor M who spends so much time being itchy and uncomfortable. He has had it since he was a baby and has never really had a total reprieve.

Baby A is now 8 months old and has 2 teeth. He is commando crawling and has developed an attitude. He’s gorgeous, but he’s cheeky. I can see he’s going to keep me on my toes. His current love is eating paper. This morning, he ripped out and ate part of a page from a cookbook I borrowed from the library. Ooops.

I take my hat off to any parent who has three kids or more. I had no idea how much extra work one extra child was going to be. But wow. It’s a whole new kind of busy.

But life is good. We’re doing well and looking forward to the future.

Now all we need is for the sun to come out.  Spring, where are you????


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