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Getting it Wrong. Getting it Right. Getting it done.

8 Aug

I’ve had a sick little Bean over the past week. Poor little guy. In the very few times that we’ve not been madly busy, it’s kept me away from the computer and on the couch providing lots of hugs.

Here’s a quick round up of other news.

Guess who sent me an email apology? None other than Ms Macsween. Apparently, she wasn’t talking about my son. It’s those OTHERS that are the problem. Hhhmm. I appreciated the sentiment of a personal apology, but I think there’s still some more work to be done there.

In case you missed it, she also apologised on air for the use of the ‘R’ word, which the program cited as being ‘from a different era’. Good. And to give credit where credit is due, I was very impressed with Adam Boland (Director of Morning TV at Channel 7). He entered the lion’s den that was the Facebook group set up asking for an apology personally and took part in some rather heated debates about who was responsible, what exactly was wrong with what was said and what should be done about it. I didn’t agree with everything he had to say, but nonetheless I was impressed that he got personally involved and engaged so actively in the issue. Encouraging.

Not so encouraging with this depressing report on ABC radio yesterday about disability hate crimes :-(.


It was nice to get an apology, but I found the whole business draining.

I think mostly because, I have found the whole business of preparing S for school draining. Then those comments right on top if it were just a real slap in the face.

It’s nearly all done now – the school stuff. The paperwork side of it at least.

All those reports. The meetings. The realisation that we need to find a whole heap of money to fund stuff. All those negatives that we need to focus on in order to get more money. It’s a downer. That’s for sure.

There’s still more to do. Lots more to do.

And I’ve made a few decisions.

The big one is that after all my efforts to avoid spending the big $15K, we are now applying for funding for a Dynavox after all. This is not to say that I am not loving the iPad. AND I still think the iPad is an amazing tool that can do all sorts of wonderful things. AND S will use it. Absolutely. However, there are things that it just can’t do yet. Things that the Dynavox can do. And so, the funding applications are going in. And my fingers are tightly crossed that the shortfall from the ‘big’ providers won’t be too much. I am not good at asking for money. And even worse at organising some sort of fundraising if that’s what it comes down to. BUT I know that we need it. I know that it will be a great tool for S and will help him better access the curriculum next year. I just wish that I’d worked this out 6 months ago. Because now that I know we want one, I want it now. I want to learn how to use it. I want S to learn how to use it. But. We’ll get there. Eventually.

What I wish even more is that the iPad had been out just a few years longer so there were just a few more things it could do.

We’re still working with the p2go and have set it up rather nicely. I’ve discovered that another flaw that’s been bugging me will be ironed out with a free update later this year. Yay.

The other reason I’ve been feeling so drained is TEETH. S’s teeth. You may recall a long while back the RCH recommended operating on S’s teeth under a GA. I decided to get a second opinion. Liked the second opinion (which was to hold off) and have been seeing that dentist for the past year, enjoying our visits where he told me things weren’t getting worse and wasn’t I a great parent to have held off?

Well. Guess what?

Turns out the second opinion sounded too good to be true because it was. A visit to the RCH on Friday confirmed that S’s teeth have significantly deteriorated and now he’s going to need a lot MORE work done.

I feel like such a bad parent.

AND I feel like a fool.

OF COURSE his teeth were going to get worse. What was I thinking????

And so now we’re on the Waiting List. It’s 2-3 months long. And S is complaining of sore teeth.


So another 2-3 months of on-again off-again Nurofen and Panadol and me feeling like the worst parent in the world to have not dealt with this sooner.


Baby A also has teeth issues. He is getting some. Which means he’s not sleeping so well. Which means neither am I. Between him and poor sick M this week, I’ve lost a LOT of ZZZZZZs (yawn).

There are some things that HAVE been going right.

Last week I walked into the kitchen and S had made a WORD on the fridge with the fridgephonic magnets – and he KNEW what the word was. It was ‘PAN’. He had put the letters together and sounded it out. What a clever little chicken.

I have spent a lot of time this weekend adding some more phonics/basic spelling apps to the iPad. I think it’s time to take it up another step know that he knows the alphabet. There’s some cute apps out there (and some real duds too!). I will post a review later.

And yesterday we had a wonderful day out at Tooradin where S got to ride a horse around a REAL farm. He thought it was fantastic. He also got to have a carriage ride. This was all through RDA. The carriage was fantastic – set up to also accommodate wheelchairs for that those who might not be able to ride a horse OR for those that just might like to go a bit fast. M also had a very brief carriage ride. All he really wanted to do was go home :-(.

I can’t believe it’s August. I can’t believe that we’ve got less than 6 months of kinder, less than 6 months before school begins. Wow. It’s going to be a busy time til the end of the year!


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