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Happy Mothers’ Day!!

8 May

My first Mothers’ Day as a mum of 3 – and with the knowledge my family is complete. A lovely feeling. I even got a little sleep in. Thanks boys!

I spent a good half an hour this mother’s day morning helping S find the present that he made at kinder during the week, hid somewhere in the house and then totally forgot where he’d put it :-).

Finally we found it. Phew. (I’ll admit that I had secretly ducked out and checked the rubbish bins, just to make sure!)

I also got a couple of ‘Wii Fit’ 1kg dumbbells from the boys. That was my requested present. I’m on a quest to return to my pre baby-bearing body weight. LOVE the Nintendo Wii Fit (will be posting more about it another day) so was happy with this gift. I have also starting running in training to do the 10km run on Melbourne Marathon Day in October (again, there’ll be more on that later!).

I also had a lovely Mothers’ Day lunch with S at kinder on Friday. I had to cancel some appointments for him in order to attend (I’d forgotten it was Mother’s Day until the last minute!). We had a wonderful morning together. Mothers’ Day is a very special business to S. On Thursday night, before he went to sleep the last thing he said to me was ‘Only one more sleep until Mothers’ Day at kinder, mum. I can’t wait!’.

M and baby A are yet to have the same enthusiasm for Mothers’ Day but M did give me an extra long hug this morning and baby A has learnt to roll over to celebrate :-).

And to my 3 gorgeous boys, if this is some time in the future and you’re reading this blog to learn what mummy really thought, here’s the word – I love you all very, very, very much – now and always xo

And finally, I just HAVE to add a link to this wonderful post from Ellen at LoveThatMax. She has such a great way with words (thanks Ellen!).

Happy Mothers’ Day everyone xo


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