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The business of busy-ness

22 Apr

It’s been such a bussssssyyyy time since term started.

S has had an amazing start to the term. He’s blitzing at kinder. Suddenly interacting confidently with the other kids – taking himself over to join in on games and activities and not relying on the staff to facilitate these opportunities for him. This is a REAL step forward and a very positive one for school next year. He has also been doing some great horse riding and at his swimming lesson on Tuesday he showed off how he could paddle with his arms, kick with his legs AND put his head under the water for the count of ten. Cool. He has grown up so much since turning five. It’s so lovely to see.

On the downside, his eczema has flared up dramatically. No idea why. And after paying $150 for skin prick testing today we’re none the wise either. We might as well have stayed at home.

This morning we also took baby A to the chiro – to be told (as was expected) that he is going great guns. He’s such a healthy, easy little bub (3 months old now, egad!). There was so little to say about baby A that we talked about S instead. The chiro suggested we try withdrawing cows milk for the eczema. We’ll give it a try. I will give ANYTHING a try. I can’t tell you how frustrating it is to be the mother of a 3 month old who sleeps through the night but to still be getting up because his poor 5 year old brother is too itchy to sleep :-(.

M on the other hand, has barely any eczema. Since moving to our new house his skin, his temperament, his attitude, his speaking skills etc etc have improved dramatically. He’s like a new boy. He has started at a child care centre on Mondays while S has his early intervention program. This was a bit of a disaster last term with him liking the first day but hating the next two.  Last Monday he was so hysterically upset at home that I almost cancelled. But then relented and decided we needed to give it one more try. When we arrived he clung to me, crying his eyes out. Until they bought out the train set. Then he let me go, and barely noticed when I left. He had a great day, and another this week. Thank-you so much Thomas, and all your friends. You really are a very Useful engine ;-).

The search for the school takes another step tomorrow too. I’m heading back to the school that I really like, with S’s OT in order to check the school for access issues. I am looking forward to getting another point of view on the school as a whole even more than I’m looking forward to hearing her thoughts on the access issues – it’s being drummed more and more into me now that access is a lot easier to change than attitude. I hope that going back there, I get that great vibe that I felt at the last visit. Fingers crossed!

I have also decided to diet/exercise so fitting in time for preparing separate meals for myself and going from swim/run/walk etc is adding to the busy days we’re having…….. some may say it’s unneccessary seeing as I’ve just had a baby etc. BUT I am determined to end this year as a size 10. I’m close to the big 4-0 age wise and I need this little boost to my self esteem. And now that I am done with making babies I want my body back. Also, I have an awesome wardrobe of size 10 clothes. I’ve refused to buy many size 12 clothes because I have been determined that I SHOULD be a size 10 and don’t want any excuses to stay as a size 12. One week in and the batteries in my bathroom scales have died, so I have no idea if anything has changed, but I feel good for the effort so far.

I am looking forward to this upcoming long weekend. We have NOTHING planned. It’s going to be just what the doctor ordered. Looking forward to us having some time to hang out again at home. Before it all starts again….


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