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Book Sharing Monday

21 Sep

In honour of our camping trip to the beach later in the week, here’s three Aussie classics about the beach.

Firstly, ‘Magic Beach’ by one of my favourite Australian writers Alison Lester.

Magic Beach

It’s beautifully told with divine illustrations combining the most common and enjoyable beach activities with wonderful imaginings that thrill BC every time we read it.

At our beach, at our magic beach,

We play in the sand for hours.

Digging and building with buckets and spades,

Invincible Castles and Towers

Next up is ‘There’s a Sea in my Bedroom’  written by Margaret Wild and illutrated by Jane Tanner.

There's a Sea in my Bedroom

It was the first book that got BC excited about the idea of listening to shells and every now and then still has him ‘swimming’ around the loungeroom telling me it’s the ocean ;-). BC has never been afraid of the ocean, but this would be a great book if you have a little one who is. And the illustrations are lovely!

‘How could the big scary sea get inside a small shell?’ wondered David….

Then he heard the sea.It was soft and growly and friendly. David wasn’t scared of this sea. Not at all, not one bit.

Lastly,  ‘Looking for Crabs’ by Bruce Whatley.

Looking for Crabs

It’s a simple yet fun story of a family on a beach looking for crabs, but they cheekily hide from them all day long. We’ve been on beach crab hunts, and after reading this book BC doesn’t mind if we don’t see one because we can joke about all the ones who are hiding from us and imagine where they are.

I love going to the beach for holidays. Sometimes it’s too cold to swim, so we go looking for crabs.

Wow. I really can’t wait to get to the beach now. And yep, all three of these books will be packed in the car to read by torchlight at our campsite each night. Would also love any further beachy or camping book suggestions ;-).


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