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Book sharing Monday

24 Aug

Not too surprisingly, we have been reading lots of books about babies in tummies and about new babies in the house recently.

Two have proven to be favourites.

The first is called:

“What’s in your tummy, mummy?”, written and illustrated by Sam Lloyd.

whats in your tummy mummy

It’s a very entertaining lift the flap book which charts the growth of mummy’s tummy, while speculating hilariously on just what might be growing inside. Both my boys love this one. Only criticism is the pop up on the final page is a little flimsy and very easily torn.

It’s wiggling and jiggling and making a fuss.

I think it’s an…


Second up is preparation for later, after the baby is here. It’s called:

“You’ll Wake the Baby” by Catherine Jinks, illustrated by Andrew McLean.

You'll wake the baby

It’s a previous ‘Children’s Book Council of Australia’ award winner.

It’s also a great book for one of our favourite reading time tricks – changing the character names to the names of the boys. They LOVE to hear their own names in the story!

The book is about two lively children who try hard to play quietly enough to not wake their new baby sibling, but no matter how hard they try they find it quite difficult to findĀ  a quiet game! It’s beautifully told and has a lovely ‘twist’ at the end.

It was a rainy morning. Andy and Annie were playing inside. They were playing Monster Wars. Andy was the green monster, and Annie was the purple monster. But they were making too much noise. ‘Ssh!’ said mum. ‘You’ll wake the baby!’.

Happy reading!


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