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18 Aug

Yes. You read right. Poo.

It’s not that I am obsessed with poo, but you know that you spend too much time taking care of the toileting needs of others when an email arrives in your inbox first thing in the morning with the message “Click here to watch the poo explosion!” and you automatically click the link, thinking, ‘sure! why not!’. (Turns out it’s an ad for nappies).

And you also know that it could be time to start seriously looking at toilet training your 2 year old when he is far too quiet in the op shop while you’re busy looking at clothes and you realise that’s because he’s put his hands deep into his very full nappy and is now proudly smearing poo all over the front of his shirt.

And you know you need to get some more detailed information when your 4 year old, sitting on the toilet, having just flushed away his business for the day asks you ‘Where does the poo go mum?’, is very dissastisfied with the answer ‘through lots of pipes under the ground’ and asksĀ  ‘And then where does it go?’. Umm. Sorry BC. Really not quite sure how to answer that one in a simple sentence….time to do some research…

And why not, of course, by chance or by fate wouldn’t BC choose one of my all time fave books to read before bed tonight – ‘The Story of the Little Mole who Knew that it was none of his Businesss’

Yep. It’s been a stinky kind of day. ;-)

Little Mole


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