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It’s a ….. new car!!

11 Aug

Well, not quite new. Second hand.

And no. We don’t have one YET. It just isn’t as easy as I thought it was going to be.


Every since we knew Ogol was on the way, we knew that we would be needing a new car.

With Aunty J living with us it’s already a very tight squeeze in the Subaru sportswagon that we have. And with baby number 3, we are going to need something bigger, MUCH bigger.

I have never owned a big car before. Actually, I have never even driven a really big car before.

So the thought of buying a people mover has been pretty daunting.

Especially given that I have a bad enough track record with the little car that we have.

I NEVER hit other cars (or people!) but have a real knack for hitting fences, letter boxes, taps, stupid little poles that should never been where they were in the first place and (most recently) the garage door.

Luckily, I am not too car proud and I must confess to actually even liking the little dings all around the car as I always get a chuckle when I remember how it happened (nothing like laughing at your own clumsiness!).

But the thought of a BIG car is daunting. More surface area to make contact with other surface areas More paintwork to damage! Harder to park! Maybe harder to drive! EGAD!

We’ve been searching for a few weeks, and thought we’d come up with the ideal car – a Kia Carnival.

It gets a very good rating on the car safety website and is massive enough inside to fit us all, along with a kaye walker, a pram, BC’s stroller and other bits and bobs.

We went and looked at one this afternoon. It was a 2004 model, looked brand new inside with very nice trimming, even a DVD player! Low kms, full service record, one owner etc. And was within our price range. We were almost ready to buy on the spot!

BUT the owner fatally mentioned that this was the better model because previous models had faulty engines, which this one did not.

So on my return home (and after reading a similar negative comment on a forum I am part of), I googled Kia Carnivals and engine problems.

This is what I found.

I’ll save you the trouble of reading it. All the reviews basically point in the same direction – dodgy, dodgy engine. Further research led me to other websites that seemed to reach the same conclusion.

Man. If it were just one or two negative reviews I might be OK with it, but it seems against the odds that all those people would have thrashed their car to an early death or have been just plain unlucky. I was particularly swayed by the comment that rated the only ‘pro’ of the car “makes a great cubbyhouse for the kids”.

So. Back to the drawing board.

There are several other cars on the market that tick all the boxes, except for one – price. They are just so much more expensive!

I’d particularly like to get one of these:

Citroen c4 Picasso

If it weren’t for the fact that it was about $25,000 above our budget.

So now we’re looking to check out one of these:

Toyota Avensis

There aren’t as many on the market as the Kias that are in our price range, but they seem to get pretty good reviews all around (although it’s a shame they aren’t reviewed on the ‘how safe is your car’ website).

And I love Toyotas. My first ever car was the super loyal and incredibly reliable 1976 Toyota Corolla, lovingly known as ‘Flo’. Many an adventure was had during my Uni years as we went ‘with the Flo’.

ThereĀ  might not be a lot of Avensis cars for sale, but I consider that a good sign – people are holding on to them. And we will keep looking. After all, we only need to buy one of them ;-).

Any suggestions of other cars, advice or $20,000 donations (haha) would all be gratefully accepted as I really don’t enjoy buying cars (this will be only my fourth car in 18 years of car ownership!) and can do with all the assistance I can get.


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