Happy Birthday Queenie!!

8 Jun

Yesterday was the Queen’s Birthday public holiday. (For those of you outside Australia and the Commonwealth who might be wondering why we have a holiday for the  birthday of the Queen of England,  it’s not because we’re overly patriotic. Remember that we’ll have any excuse for a holiday here. We even have a holiday for a horse race in November.  Anyway, the actual Queen’s Birthday is in April. The June date was the birthday of a long forgotten king, whose birthday was just a more suitable middle of year for an extra holiday, so that is where it has stayed)….

Quite appropriately for a day when we remember our links with the mother country, it was very wet. And freezing cold. And we all have the sniffles.

So we stayed home. And there wasn’t really much else to do, except, of course, hold a birthday party for the queen.

It was BC’s idea. He’s really taken to the idea of having pretend birthday parties lately. We seem to have parties of various complexity at least once a week. But he was particularly taken by the thought that we were having a holiday for the Queen and her birthday. So the party preparations began in earnest.

We made a cake. We blew up balloons. We invited the teddy bears.  We played pass the (royal) parcel. We played pin the crown on the Queenie and musical statues. We sang her happy birthday and blew out the candles. BC even made her a little present.

She didn’t make an appearance, but I am sure if she had time to receive an invitation she would have been here for sure. It was a huge success. BC won the pass the parcel and is still enjoying his new crayons. We think Aunty J might have cheated with the pin the crown on the queen, but we gave her a prize anyway. The musical statues was a bit of a fizzer as BC couldn’t stop laughing and little Bean didn’t stop screaming in complaint whenever the music was turned off. But it was still fun.

And we had two little boys who went to bed very tired and happy at the party’s end.

Then late last night, once they were sleeping, as I was trawling the blogosphere, I came across these fabulous crowns.

BetterThanNormal reversible crowns

It seemed far too coincidental that I’d discover these on the Queens birthday, so once I’ve determined that they can be sent to Australia, hopefully I am going to buy one each for the boys. You can order them in a wide range of colours and designs and with your own children’s names on them. Best of all, they are being made by Daniel’s mum over at BetterThanNormal, to help pay for his therapies.

And there’s nothing better than getting a package in the mail.

I am still not sure if I’m going to be able to resist telling BC when the crowns arrive that they are actually a thank-you present from the queen for her fabulous birthday party ;-).

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One Response to “Happy Birthday Queenie!!”

  1. Alison June 9, 2009 at 11:28 pm #

    Sounds like great fun!

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