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Easter Bunny

12 Apr

The Easter bunny came to our house this morning.

He left quite a few eggs in the back garden for BC and Little Bean.

Bean didn’t show much interest – he was more interested in putting grass in his basket.

On the other hand BC was thrilled and collected them all in his basket and brought them inside.

He then asked me, several times where the Easter Bunny lived. I told him in the countryside, probably near Pop’s house.

He began to insist we went there.

At first, I thought it was because he wanted more eggs. I explained that it didn’t work that way.

He was still upset and continued to insist we go there.

Finally, I worked out (thank you PODD book!) that what BC wanted to do was to RETURN the eggs to the Easter Bunny, not go and get more.

I convinced him he didn’t have to give them back, that they were a present for him to eat, and both he and Bean are now happily munching on them one by one back in the garden.

But I was really pleased that his first thoughts were more about giving than getting.

Happy Easter everyone ;-)


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