Adventures of the (wishing) chair.

13 Mar

adventures-of-the-wishing-chairDoes anyone remember the ‘Adventures of the Wishing Chair’ books? In case you had an Enid Blyton deprived childhood, they are a series of books about a couple of kids, a pixie called Chinky and a flying chair. They were amongst my favourite books. I’ve been looking for them lately because I want to read them to my boys (and see if they still rate as highly for me now as they did when I was a kid!).

If only a flying chair were one of our options now. THAT would be fun.

Back to earth now, thanks to everyone for their comments about my last post about getting a chair for BC. Special thanks to Heike, Jacqui and Rich for their great thought provoking comments about different chair options for BC.

For anyone who didn’t read their comments on my last post, they all wondered why I wasn’t looking at a chair that BC could push himself rather than a stroller type chair.

Which got my thinking the same thing. Why not? I really love that blogging can give me such immediate and thought provoking feedback ;-).

I’ve thought long and hard about the chair again, taking into account when in reality BC will probably use a chair and I have decided that FOR NOW we will stick with our original plan for the Convaid stroller.

Why you may ask? Why don’t I want to get a chair like this that he can push? Why don’t I want to give him that freedom and that upper body workout?


The Quickie Kidz Chair

OR a chair like this that I can send him into battle with (love this chair Rich, thanks for sharing!):


Tank Chair

Well, mostly because as I said in my last post, the main reason we will use the chair is for when he is too tired to walk. I know my boy. If he is too tired to walk then he will be too tired to push.

I am also not convinced that he has the upper body strength and coordination to push a chair. I will definitely be revisiting that later though. It wouldn’t be the first time that I had underestimated my boy if I’d got that wrong ;-).

Another reason, purely practical, is that we have a 4 door hatchback car. There is a) no way we can afford a new car right now and b) no way one of these chairs would fit in our car (along with the walker, stroller for little Bean etc etc).

But really, if I thought that the Quickie chair would be the very best for BC, I would overcome the problem with the car. Somehow.

BUT with BC consistently making such great gains with his walker and choosing to walk more and more, I think at the moment, he really needs a chair for when he needs a break.

So, as I’ve said. Thanks again so much for the suggestions and sage words of advice. I really do appreciate the brain food!

I am sure this won’t be the end of our chair adventures, but for now, we’re back to the Purple Pusher ;-).

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4 Responses to “Adventures of the (wishing) chair.”

  1. bron March 13, 2009 at 11:41 pm #

    Di, so many choices, I think you’ll need a trailer to carry all the equipment and then choose which one suits best for which occasion.
    Cooper now wants a wheelchair ” black, big, with big digger wheels!”
    I think the stroller is a good idea for now, to be able to rest after walking so well and perhaps borrow a wheelchair to start to get use to for school environment in the next few years? As we all are aiming for independent mobility at most times as such.
    see you tomorrow! at the CP cake!

  2. Sensei Rich March 14, 2009 at 1:13 am #

    I think you made the right choice, if your like me, you ALWAYS second guess choices you made, but 98% of the time, your first choice was fine… And every thing works out OK.

    You do have a fine point, if he is too tired to walk he’s too tired to push. … But dude, that Tank Chair has got to be the coolest thing I ever seen!

    You know, a company did make a white cane once with sonar in it, for blind people… :-)

  3. Ellen March 15, 2009 at 3:19 am #

    Hi! Obviously, you know what is best for your child (and your family). I think that stroller looks totally cool.

    I think I want a Tank Chair for myself. Roll right into work with it, maybe roll over a few annoying coworkers. Ha!

  4. terriblepalsy March 15, 2009 at 8:47 pm #

    You are very lucky that BC chooses to walk so much. Independent mobility is so important. Just thought I should let you know though that Moo’s manual chair has stroller handles, folds over with quick release wheels. So one day, you can overcome the vehicle problems ;-)

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