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A magic trick…

2 Jan

We’ve had two RARE days at home to start off the new year.

It’s been lovely.

BC spent a lot of time playing in his new ‘playroom’ – a dome tent that I bought for a few dollars at a garage sale a few weeks ago that we’ve kept set up in the back yard.

When you’ve got a small home like ours, you have to do whatever you can to make the space more interesting ;-).

BC loves it in there. Today he set up afternoon tea in the tent and invited us all to celebrate the Bean’s birthday (which isn’t until March, but BC reminded me I have been telling him for AGES that Bean’s birthday was next year, which is NOW this year)…

So we had a lovely afternoon tea of grass and plastic fruit and vegetables and sang a ‘nearly’ Happy Birthday song ;-).

A little later on, inside BC told me he knew a magic trick. He placed an item on the coffee table and then ‘waved’ his magic wand into the item, pushing it off over the back of the coffee table making it disappear. He thought it was hilarious. By the time the magic show was finished, there was a huge pile of disappeared items at the back of the coffee table.

I just need him to now learn the magic trick of putting everything away….:-).


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