A big train…

24 Nov

Both Bean AND BC love trains. In fact, the sign for ‘train’ was the first one BC learnt after ‘finished’ and ‘more’. They both get to travel on city trains very often because their dad gets free public transport as part of his job. SO whenever they so much as go past a bus, tram or especially a train, they usually get a ride. Also, if I happen to be working, dad seems to find it a lot easier to take the boys off on train rides than staying at home (yes, this does mean not a scrap of housework gets done, but at least no more mess is made either!).

Despite the frequent train trips, there’s still no change in the excitement in BC’s face every time a train arrives at a platform and a journey is about to begin.

And there’s only one thing that’s a more exciting adventure for BC than going on a train – and that’s going on a ‘different’ train. A good friend of ours gave BC a brilliant DVD for Christmas a few years back called ‘Here Comes a Train‘ which features all different kinds of trains. The DVD was such a hit that last time we headed to Sumatra, we changed our travel plans so we could have a day long stop over in KL, JUST so BC could travel on a monorail. We went back and forth the single route about 5 times with him calling out ‘STOP’ and ‘GO’ (with an enthusiasm that did not wane at all) at every station. I am pretty sure the driver thought we were quite mad (or very lost).

BC confidently tells me he wants to ‘fix trains’ for a living when he grows up AND the favourite toy of the moment is a wooden train set that BC got for his birthday WHICH I must add proudly, he’s become incredibly adept at putting together all on his own.

So with all this in mind, tomorrow is a very special day for BC because we are going on a ‘big train’ – meaning an intercity/country train – for a few days holiday. According to BC, the most exciting thing about a ‘big train’ is that it has a toilet on board. So this means several trips to and from the toilet for ‘maybe’ toilet needs each journey.

This trip will actually be the longest train journey that BC and Bean have ever had – about 3 hours. I am really looking forward to our little trip away but also REALLY, REALLY hoping that the novelty of being on a train doesn’t wear off for them both after the first hour. If so, it’s going to be a REALLY long journey!!

I hope everyone has a good week and I’ll be back to tell tales from our trip (and share a few photos) at the end of our journey!

(Oh and Ellen, I still haven’t forgotten my books post – I will finish it off when we get back xo).

Toot! Toot!

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One Response to “A big train…”

  1. Ellen November 25, 2008 at 4:40 am #

    Oh, I hope BC had the time of his life! My Max also loves trains. I think he has a related DVD, Here Comes A Fire Truck. There’s another good DVD out there, All About Fast Trains, here’s a link to it:

    Looking forward to book post! Cheers.

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