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Being a big brother

27 Oct

BC has for quite a while now been able to stand and balance for a few seconds. He has even balanced up to the count of 20 in the past.

He also walks quite well over short distances with his kaye walker AND with a heavy wooden trolley at home. More recently, we bought a toy lawnmower that I have weighed down so that it’s not too light. He can push this reasonably well, although we still have a few falls.

Last week I found myself in a shop with both the boys and only a single stroller. Little Bean decided that he really couldn’t walk any more, and climbed into the pram that BC had climbed out of so that he could try to convince me to buy some chocolate frogs that were within his reach. As much as I tried to convince him, little Bean wouldn’t get out of the stroller. I was stuck. There was no way I could push the stroller and carry BC (who, though small for his age, still weighs 14 kgs now). So what to do?

I was cursing myself for not having brought the double stroller with me and wondering if I was going to have to ask a stranger to carry my son to the car (which was parked not far from the shop).

BC came to my rescue. He stood up and was able to grab hold of the handles for pushing the pram. They were a little bit high for him, but with an effort, he was able to balance himself and similar to the way he pushes the lawnmower or trolley around the home, he was able to push the stroller along.

I had to help a bit, mostly to stop him from crashing into shelves (going straight wasn’t easy!) but every time it looked like I was taking control of pushing the stroller I was shooed away.

So, we made it, very slowly, to the car with BC grinning from ear to ear and Bean regularly glancing behind him, laughing and clapping. Sometimes it’s great to have a big brother to help out.


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