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26 Aug

Well, we finally have confirmation for a spot for BC in a hopefully inclusive and supportive 4 year old kinder next year, yay!

The only question now is, where do we find the time for him to actually go AND fit in all our other appointments, therapy, activitites etc…

I can see it’s going to be a FUN year!

The party is over!

22 Aug

Sorry I have been MIA. I really marvel at how others find the time to maintain their blogs regularly. I have to hand it to them! I always endeavour to do the same, but then time vanishes…..

Anyway, here I am.

The party I mentioned a few entries back that BC had been invited to was last week.

The party was at an art and craft centre and all the kids painted and decorated small cardboard ‘treasure boxes’ before sitting down to the usual party food fare.

I was surprised that there were actually very few kids from BC’s child care centre there – I’d assumed that lots of the kids from the group had been invited, but there were only two others. So there I was, desperate to know, but definitely not about to ask, why this little boy had chosen BC as one of the kids to invite…

Does it matter why? Probably not, but I know that BC is still learning his way around being ‘part of’ a group of kids his own age in the sense of interacting with them (largely because his communication strategies are still so limited) so it does thrill me that other kids can see beyond this. I guess kids have their own way of communicating.

He did a fine job in the art/craft part of the party, despite there being an initial minor hiccup regarding the seating. I’d not even thought about it beforehand, but it turns out the seats were all stools, definitely not a seat that BC could balance on. They looked around for something else and couldn’t find anything except for one mother suggesting that BC used the special ‘throne’ designed for the birthday boy which had a very sturdy back and sides. I was mortified that BC would take the seat of the birthday boy and the look on that boy’s little face at the suggestion he give up this chair showed he agreed totally with me! The problem was resolved with BC sitting on my knee – not ideal, but there were two or three other very little kids there who also sat on their mother’s knees so it wasn’t too out of place.

Of course, the eating part of the party was no drama either, although I was a bit grossed out at the amount of sugar and lack of substance – I looked in vain for the fruit platter….

We left with our lolly bag (more sugar, really!?) and a very big thank-you from the party boy. BC’s smile didn’t leave his face for the rest of the day and he slept with his treasure box next to his pillow that night.

Now his ears prick up at any mention of a party, so I hope that there are other invitations not too far away…..or will it be my turn to create the party as BC turns 4 next month – gulp!!!


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