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Going Straight to the Pool Room…

9 May

OK, so perhaps you need to be Australian to recognise the title. It’s a line from a great Australian film ‘The Castle’ , most recently reprised by pint sized Bindi Irwin when she received a TV Award (Logie) last week.

It refers to what you do with prized possessions, tokens of achievement.

We don’t actually have a pool room. But that’s not important.

What’s important is that BC came home from child care today with his first ever ‘award’. It was a certificate for being the ‘Helper’ in the Kinder room today. This is a role that rotates around the different kids in the room and basically means they get to choose songs, games, books etc as well as helping to set things up. It’s the first time BC has been the ‘helper’ and when they told me it was his turn in the morning when I dropped him off, I was worried about how he’d go with the attention and the responsibility.

Turns out he THRIVED. He loved it. He used his communication book and his growing voice and made lots of active decisions and was apparently a great helper setting up activities.

And they gave him a little certificate for being the helper today. He BEAMED when I picked him up this evening. As soon as he saw me he made a bee line for the certificate to show me. He was so proud.

Me too. And it’s going straight to the pool room (well to be more precise, in the absence of the pool room it’s now stuck on the fridge) :-)


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