The studies I trust

8 May

These days I am only interested in research that supports what I’d like to believe is true.

So today, I am loving the research that suggests chocolate is good for you if you’re pregnant (because you never know I may be again in the future, and it validates all the chocolate I ate through my last pregnancies)

But I’m choosing to dismiss the research that says breastfed babies are smarter. It might seem strange this isn’t one I’d like to validate given that both my boys are breastfed (and smart) but it’s because listening to the radio yesterday I heard a woman from the Australian Breastfeeding Association gloat about the results and make the statement that anything other than breastmilk is inferior for babies.

SO I breastfed my babies and I think breastmilk is good stuff BUT she’s missing the point totally in my opinion and that is what of all the mothers who WANT to breastfeed and can’t. I so nearly fell into that category with BC. It took him a long time to get his suck and swallow reflex in sufficient order to breastfeed and I was preparing myself for the fact that it might not happen. And I know for lots of mums for a variety of reasons it doesn’t happen. In my mums group of 12, 6 mums were unable to breastfeed. They all tried and could not for one reason or another. And then there’s my mum. She had inverted nipples and breastfed me (painfully) for just 6 weeks.

I’m all for supporting breastfeeding when you CAN. I know it frustrated me when we visited Indonesia to have women from the village ask me why I wasn’t feeding BC formula when I could afford it (the Nestle legacy of believing formula is SUPERIOR to breastmilk).

BUT I don’t see the point in beating up mothers any more than necessary. Formulas are pretty handy substitutes in my opinion and do a darn good job.

I support the IDEA of such a study and the Australian Breastfeeding Association’s mission to HELP mothers breastfeed but not for them to use these studies to make women feel bad about NOT breastfeeding.

SO for the sake of women who can’t breastfeed, for my sake as a non breastfed mother, I am here to state categorically that the methodology of the study was most definitely flawed. For all you mothers out there who DIDN’T breastfeed, allay any EXTRA guilt they’ve just thrown at you. You are wonderful mums and have provided brilliantly for your very smart children. AND maybe have some chocolate. If it’s good during pregnancy, it’s got to still be good for you now ;-).

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One Response to “The studies I trust”

  1. Heike Fabig May 8, 2008 at 10:16 am #

    Chocolate is definately healthy. It’s the sugar and vegetable oil in the cheap chocoloate that’s no good. My policy is to buy only Green and Blacks Organic Fair Trade chocolate and buy lots of it. I mean, think about it. The Aztecs used chocolate as a medicine. Now you can buy it organic fair trade, supporting local farmes and the environment. Win win all round.

    And as for the breastfeeding, the ABA ladies are just as arrogant as Nestle some times. Off course breast is best. Despite what many men think, the things are made for milk for human babies. But there are many instances where it just won’t happen. And a happy, relaxed, loving parent is better than a stressed, anxious one. So support and help, and back off ABA.

    (and yes, i breastfed all three of mine, two of them past their first birthday)

    By the way, i tagged you to reveal 7 random things about yourself

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