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My little lamb

19 Apr

BC’s hair grows very quickly and it’s thick (that’s the Indonesian in him). But he also gets eczema on his scalp.

And so every 6 weeks or so, I get out the trusty clippers and lop off his locks.

The first time we cut his hair I was really sad because when his hair is long he has lovely kinky curls. But we didn’t have much choice. The only way we could get the itching to stop was to lather his scalp in the most wonderful product on the planet ‘Dermeze’ -an ultra moisturiser designed by the Royal Children’s Hospital. And with long hair, or with pretty much any hair it just gets too messy and too hard to apply.

So we shear him.

I thought he’d hate getting his hair cut with the clippers. The clippers are loud and I thought the feel of it would irritate him. But he LOVES it.

Today was shearing day.

I went to the garage to fetch the clippers and unravel the extension lead we use. When I returned a few minutes later I couldn’t believe what I saw. There was BC, sitting outside on our back verandah, in his little chair, waiting for me, with a big grin on his face.

This might not sound unbelievable to you, but for me it was staggering and wonderful.

Here’s why.

This means that in the 5 or so minutes that I was in the garage, he opened the back sliding door, dragged his little chair from the kitchen out onto the verandah and then climbed himself into the chair and into a perfect sitting position, with his bottom against the back of the chair, his feet out in front and no sign of a slouch.

Still not impressed?

This is a boy who can’t walk independently, can only stand on his own for a few seconds and who really takes his time to move about. So this was unprecedented, amazing, brilliant.

My little lamb is now shorn, slathered up with Dermeze and sleeping peacefully. And I am one proud old mummy sheep who will now stop gushing – or should I say bleating on ;-).


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