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My favourite bowl.

3 Apr

It’s funny how quickly you get used to something.

6 months ago, BC couldn’t spoon feed himself. I’d feed all his meals or provide finger food. This got harder once our little Bean also started to eat. I felt like a mother bird trying to quickly distribute worms. So we wanted to try to speed up the process of BC being able to feed independently.

The main problem wasn’t that he couldn’t handle a spoon. He could easily raise the spoon to his mouth and get the food in, no problem. The problem was scooping the food from the bowl. He just couldn’t seem to find the food in the bowl and get it to stay on a spoon. We tried different spoons and bowls but nothing seemed to make it easier.

Until the OT at his early intervention centre lent us one of these:

Manoy bowl

Ignore the revolting looking glug inside the smaller bowl, but these bowls changed our world! Because of their narrow, oval shape, suddenly our son could “trap” his food on to the spoon and miraculously feed himself. Yay!

The only design flaw is that it does not have a non-stick base. We use a piece of that amazing non-stick plastic to keep it on the table. Since then he hasn’t looked back….UNTIL

When we travelled to Indonesia recently, we somehow, inexplicably managed to leave the bowl behind. It was only once we were without the bowl that we realised just how much we’d come to depend on that bowl. We tried several of our other bowls but with no success and it was only once we returned to the EIC and could purchase a new bowl that normality returned.

We love our bowl! I just wanted to share….

Rolfing (again) and Jackie Chan.

3 Apr

Like all 3 year olds, it’s often surprising what my son finds funny.

We had our third rolfing session today. It went really well. He took the whole treatment totally in his stride. One of the places the rolfer worked on him was under his tongue. I tried putting my own finger there and poking around and it does feel very uncomfortable. It’s not a place that’s often (if ever!) exposed for touch and it’s a sensitive little area!

What helped most of all today was believe it or not, Jackie Chan – when BC first lay on the massage table he amused himself by kicking his legs up in the air in what the rolfer suggested was almost a kung fu movement. He told BC he looked like Jackie Chan. And out of the blue, BC was in fits of the giggles. I’m sure he has never heard of Jackie Chan before but he clearly thought the sound of his name was very, very funny. So at any point in the treatment when BC started to look uncomfortable, the rolfer said “Jackie Chan” and the giggles returned. It made the hour go very fast. BC’s giggles are often quite infectious so by the time the rolfer was done we’d all had quite a good laugh.

Now we’re just going to wait to see if the rolfer’s work will lead to BC amusing himself (and us!) by saying “Jackie Chan” clearly, on his own in the future.

Thanks Jackie Chan!


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